Sarrhul celebrated with full enthusiasm across Jharkhand

Ranchi, Mar 30: Jharkhand Governor Draupadi Murmu and Chief Minister
Raghubar Das extended greetings to the people of the state on the
occasion festival of nature Sarhul and said that the festival was
an example of ubrokeable bond which the people have with nature.

This festival depicts the co-existence of life of the people with the
environment and gives the message that with nature the human life can
not exists. The leaders said that that the entire world is worried
about problems like Global warming festivals like these further gain

In wake of the festivals a grand procession was taken out on the
streets of Ranchi after the ‘pahans’ performed the pujas at the
different Sarna Sathals after which in the afternoon procession was
taken out in which thousands of tribals carrying traditional musical
equipments like dhol and nagadas participated. The various
organizations also displayed tableaus on the occasion. The procession
travelled from main road and Siram Toli road and finally culminated
at Siram Toli Sarna Sathal. In wake of the festival people also
decorated their homes with Sarna flags etc.

During the procession the tribals also depiected tableaus against the
amendments in the CNT and SPT Acts and against the domicile policy. In
some of the processions the people also carried ply-cards demanding
that Sarna Code be implemented in the state. Some of the puja
committees also displayed tableaus displaying the traditional rituals
and art forms of the tribals of the state. As per the directions of the
Central Sarna Committee the women had wore the traditional saree while
men were in their tradition dress of Dhoti and Ganjee. The youth chose
to be both traditional and modern in their looks.


At several places in the city welcome gates were erected while at many
prominent spots the various social and cultural organizations had
ercted stalls to serve water and cold drinks to the people
participating in the procession.
However also had to face huge power cuts in the city as due to the
procession the power was cut from afternoon till late night. In the
areas of main road, Siram Toli and Club Road power was restored after
10 pm. The officials of the power department cited secutity reasons as
the prime concern for the power cuts.
On the other hand the Ranchi district administration had put traffic
restriction from entering the main road from 1 pm while on several
other roads the movement of vehicles was banned and drop gates
erected at various locations.

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