More than a 100 illegal slaughter houses sealed across the state

Ranchi, Mar 30: After the Jharkhand Government issued an ultimatum to
close down all the illegal slaughter houses operating in the state
within 72 hours, the district administrations have swung into action
and in different cities more than 100 slaughter houses which were
operating illegally were shut down.
The Singhbum district administration sealed a total of 73 illegal
slaughter houses operating in the area which also included 15 each in
Chaibasa and Chakardhar Nagar Parishad areas. The mutton and chicken
shop owners have been also instructed to operate license from the
district administration. The authorities have categorically asked
these slaughter houses not to commece operations unless they obtain
proper licenses or else strict action would be taken against them.
In Jamshedpur also all illegal slaughter houses were closed down.
The district administration had issued notices to 72 meat sellers
however the members of Kureshi community decided to implement the
decision of the state government and decided to close the shops.
However the mutton shop owners are yet to be served a letter
regarding operating the shops through proper license. There are a
total of 100 mutton and 300 chicken shops in the city which are
functioning without proper license.
Even in districts like Dhanbad and Deoghar police has launched a
crackdown against the illegal slaughter houses. The district
administrations have categorically asked the illegal slaughter houses
to shut shops within 72 hours or get ready to face action.
On March 27 the state  government had ordered that all illegal
slaughter houses be
closed in the state within 72 hours.
A letter in this regard has been written by the Principal Secretary
of the state Home Department SKG Rahate to all the DCs/SSPs/SPs and to
Municipal Corporations/Municipalities and Notified Area Committees
regarding closure of illegal slaughter houses/abattoirs.
The officials have been asked to ensure that no illegal slaughter
house be allowed to operate within their respective jurisdiction. All
police stations should be asked to close illegal slaughter houses,
nodal officer to monitor and ensure compliance of this order may be

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