Sarhul Puja Festival celebrated in Jharkhand

Ranchi: Nature festival Sarhul is being celebrated with great pomp in Jharkhand.

On this occasion, the worship of Sarhul was completed with traditional customs in the Akhara and other Sarna places of the city  including the Hatma Sarna place located in Morabadi. Chief Pahan Jaglal worshiped Sarhul with rituals.

After the completion of the puja, Chief Pahan predicted by looking at the direction of the water kept in the pitcher last evening that this time the monsoon will be normal in Jharkhand. There will be good rain in every area of Jharkhand. Farmers will not have to face problems in farming.

A grand procession taken out from various Akhara and Sarna places of Ranchi on the occasion of Sarhul festival, which will conclude at the main Sarna place Siram Toli.

Chief Pahan said that five chickens were sacrificed in Sarhul Puja. White cock was sacrificed for the creator Sihbonga, Mala cock for the deity, red cock for the village deity, Lupung cock for the ancestors and black cock for freedom from evil spirits.

He said that tribal communities worship every form of nature. He also appealed to the general public not to tamper with  nature. Otherwise, in the coming days we will yearn for pure water and air. He said that everyone should together protect nature. Water, forest, land, trees and plants, sun and sky, all these are integral parts of life.

Special worship was also performed in the nature festival Sarhul at Siram Toli Sarna site. Chief Minister Champai Soren and former CM Hemant Soren’s wife Kalpana Soren Murmu participated in this puja.

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