Rural economy will be strengthened through tourism

Ranchi: The Government of Jharkhand is serious about bringing the state on the tourism map of the world stage. The geographical location and natural beauty of the state is also favorable for tourism. The government has formulated a new tourism policy to attract private investment in the tourism sector with the objective of attracting tourists to the state and providing them quality facilities.

The tourism policy has been approved by the cabinet and there is no doubt that in the coming days Jharkhand will become a vehicle of change in the tourism sector with the vision of generating employment opportunities and increasing revenue from tourism. The state is full of possibilities for tourism development. The government has taken steps to make the land area covered by 33 percent forest of the state a big market for tourism.

Rural development and economic empowerment of the villagers are the priority areas of the government. For this purpose, the tourism department is going to promote homestays in the vicinity of various tourist places of Jharkhand. These homestays will be developed in collaboration with the rural population living near the tourist destinations of the state. This will not only strengthen the rural economy, but will also create direct and indirect employment opportunities. Along with this, it will also help in making people aware about the tradition and culture of Jharkhand. Along with plans to develop migration to villages located near tourist destinations, the government is also trying to address the lack of accommodation facilities at some of the major tourist destinations.

In the construction of home stays, the government is going to work towards the provision of grants to other facilities. The plan to develop tourist facilitation centers across the state has also been included under the tourism policy. According to the plan, the tourism department will set up tourist facilitation centers on the roads leading to tourist places. These centers will be equipped with all the basic facilities along with providing information to the tourists. Tourists who take long road trips from these centers will get accommodation and food. The state government will work to provide basic facilities including roadside facilities, tourist information centre, craft centre, necessary facilities including ATM, stage for organizing cultural events.

Jharkhand has immense potential for development in the field of eco-tourism. The lush green forests, waterfalls, terrain, rich wildlife it offers forest trails, nature walks, jungle safaris, trekking, rock climbing etc. Jharkhand is an ideal place for the development of eco-tourism. The Latehar-Netarhat-Betla- Chandil-Dalma-Mirchaiya- Getalsud circuit will be developed as an eco-circuit.

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