Government schemes changing lives of rural women, making them self-reliant and getting respect

Ranchi: Rural women are becoming self-reliant by joining the welfare schemes of the state government as not only it has improved their financial condition but has also provided the benefits of government schemes to the people of the villages. Under these schemes, the state government is also working to make rural women mates. These mates provide information about government schemes to the people of the village, takes initiatives to connect them with those schemes, while engaging them in the works being done under Mnrega in the village and remunerating them. They do other works including payment of money. Now these mates have become a source of inspiration for the people of the village, paving the way for their economic self-reliance.

Aveda Khatoon, 8th pass of Lohardaga, is taking care of her family better after becoming a mate. Aveda says her experience working as a  mate has been good. She said that it gives great pleasure to her by helping poor villagers work and getting them paid on time. Before being selected as a mate, Aveda used to do farming and labour to support her family in some way. Now after becoming a mate her family has become financially good. Like Aveda, Sabita Kumari of Shahpur Panchayat of Kolebira, Simdega is an inter pass. She got the job of a mate in Mnrega. Sabita became self-reliant as soon as she registered in the Mate.

Due to contact with government officials and employees she got information about many government schemes and shared this information with the villagers and connected them with government schemes. Budhni Oraon is a resident of Jori block of Lohardaga. After becoming a mate, she was given an irrigation well from Mnrega with which she started vegetable and mango gardening in 2021 and made barren land cultivable and provided employment to farmers. The farmers were told about the benefits of the irrigation well.

She formed a group of women and told them about other beneficial schemes of the government including Mnrega due to which other villagers are also increasing their income by cultivating vegetables. Mnrega scheme has become a boon for the villagers in the present time. The women mates of Mnrega have become the guides of this change as they are  not  only feeding her family by joining the Mnrega scheme along with this steps have been taken towards making life self-sufficient said Rajeshwari B Mnrega

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