Review meeting of CID from 17 to 19 October, many points will be discussed

Ranchi: CID DG Anurag Gupta will hold a review meeting from October 17 to October 19. During this, Anurag Gupta will organize a meeting with the DSP of CID posted in Dumka, Hazaribagh, Ranchi, Palamu, Kolhan and Coal Field Range and in-charge of the CID team deputed in all the districts. They will have a discussion about the assistance provided by the jail staff and policemen to the criminals and others.

A brief review of the cases related to murder, robbery, robbery and kidnapping for ransom, POCSO case, human trafficking and rape will be done in all the districts in the month of September. Identifying organized criminals, list of criminals active from the month of April to September (Those who have been released from jail on bail), the incidents of criminals in jail committing crimes using a mobile phone from April to September will be reviewed.

If any jail employee or the policeman deputed in the jail is helping the criminals, then there will be a review regarding providing the information. In the month of September this year, the reported crimes against women and children in the district like rape, gang rape, POCSO Act etc.

Special attention will be given to incidents related to. Status of women police stations working in the district. Is there a woman in charge of the police station. Is prompt action being taken by the concerned police station in-charge in relation to crimes committed against women and minors or not.

Also, a review will be conducted regarding the respectful behavior of the police station in-charge towards the victim.

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