Ranchi Police alert regarding Durga Puja, mock drill to deal with miscreants

Ranchi: A mock drill was organized at the police line on Kanke Road on Thursday regarding Durga Puja.On the instructions of City SP Rajkumar Mehta, a mock drill was conducted to deal with anti-social elements. 

City SP said that the police is fully prepared to maintain peace and order in the district. If anti-social elements try to spoil the atmosphere during festivals, the police have made full preparations to deal with such anti-social elements.

During this time, the police first tried to convince the so-called anti-social elements to stop their ruckus. After that, the exercise was taken forward by spraying water on the rioting people.

During this time the police released tear gas and also fired in the air. 

In the end, the police lathi-charged the rioting people, after which the rioting anti-social elements ran away from there.

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