Raghubar calls to minimise the gap between people and govt

Latehar, May 21: Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das said that for
the development of the village and the state it was important to
reduce the gap the between the people and the government.

Addressing the Palamu Division level meet of the panchayat volunteers
here he said that in democracy the people wanted a good government
however it would be only possible when the distance between the two is
minimized and the government remains sensitive towards the problems of
the people.

He said that the present the central and the state government were
spending crores of rupee for the development of the villages and asked
the people to keep themselves informed about the schemes which they
can avail for their betterment. Mr Das said that despite 70 years of
Independence and crores of rupee being spent the people were still to
get the basic amenities of life including power, water and health
care. However the state government was planned to select the schemes
at the village level itself for the development of the villages.
Quoting former Prime Minister Late Rajeev Gandhi he said that there
was a time when One rupee was sent from center for the development of
the villages which turned into 15 paise finally when it reached the
villages which showcases why the villages could not develop in the
last 70 years.

However under Prime Minister Narendra Modi it was
decided that funds for the development of the villages would be
directly provided to the panchayats. He said that this year a sum of
Rs 6,000 crore has been directly sent in the accounts of the mukhiyas
for development of the villages.

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