Process of exchanging Rs 2000 currency notes begins, work in banks like normal days

Ranchi: As per the guidelines of RBI the process of changing Rs 2000 thousand currency notes has started from Tuesday witn exchanges being done in all government and private banks of Ranchi city. The work of changing two thousand notes in banks was being done like normal days. SBI, Bank of India, Axis, ICICI Bank were found to be functioning as usual. Apart from the bank, people were also seen reaching the petrol pump with Rs 2,000 notes.

The manager of Gumla petrol pump located at Booty Mode said that people had come but the number is negligible. He told that they are accepting notes. However, the staff there said that Rs 2,000 notes are being accepted only when customers are buying petrol worth at least Rs 500. At the same time, notes are also being taken at the Indian Oil petrol pump located near RIMS.

However, a problem is also coming in the petrol pump that people are handing over two thousand rupee notes after buying
petrol worth one hundred or two hundred rupees. In such a situation, the problem of small notes is happening in the petrol pump. 

As far as hospitals are concerned cash flow in hospitals wad negligible. At Bariatu Health Point, Pulse Hospital, Alam Hospital, RPS Hospital at Karamtoli, relatives of a few patients had deposited Rs 2,000 notes. The employee sitting at the cash counter said that only the attendants of five to seven patients have given Rs 2,000 notes so far. Hospital management said that people are giving more emphasis on online payment only. By the way, those who are giving two thousand notes are being accepted.

Regarding note exchange, Subodh Kumar, assistant manager of Bank of India main branch said that people are not facing any problem in exchanging notes. All the facilities are being given to the people as per the guidelines of RBI. Since the number of people is very less, work is being done in the normal counter only.

He said that people do not need to panic as people can exchange notes multiple times in a day if they want. But a maximum of 20 thousand can be changed at a time. He said that a person can exchange more than once in a day.

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