Police arrested three smugglers including a woman with brown sugar from Ranchi railway station

Ranchi: RPF team has arrested three smugglers including a woman with 55.65 grams of brown sugar on Sunday morning from Ranchi Railway Station. The team took this action under the leadership of RPF Inspector Diganjay Sharma. According to the information, smugglers had reached Ranchi railway station to supply brown sugar. But before that the police caught him. Later the RPF handed over the three smugglers to the police of Chutiya police station.

According to the information, RPF had received information that some people were going to come by train to supply brown sugar at Ranchi Railway Station. After this the RPF team was keeping an eye on the people coming and going at the station. Meanwhile, RPF arrested three smugglers including a woman from the railway station.

55.65 grams of brown sugar has also been recovered from them, the market value of which is said to be around Rs 12 lakh. RPF told that this gang deals in brown sugar in three parts. First, he takes a bus from Ranchi and reaches Sasaram in Bihar.

Brown sugar is delivered on a large scale in Sasaram. Then smugglers buy brown sugar from Sasaram and take a train to Ranchi. After this, they supply Brown to the drag peddlers active in Ranchi and go to secret hideouts.

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