Police arrested a gang leader for selling brown sugar from Sasaram to Ranchi

Ranchi: The leader of the gang that brought brown sugar from Sasaram to Ranchi and sold it has been arrested by Police. The police team took action under the leadership of Kotwali DSP Prakash Soe.

During this time, gang leader Pintu Sah was arrested near Akashvani located on Ratu Road. Police have recovered 26 grams of brown sugar and many other items from him. 

SSP Chandan Sinha gave this information in a press conference in his office on Friday. During interrogation, Pintu Sah was told that the people of his gang supply brown sugar from Sasaram to Ranchi, and also bring it to Ranchi from time to time.

Even, he had even come to Ranchi from Sasaram to deliver brown sugar to some people. During this time the police arrested him.

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