Plans being framed to provide food and foodgrains to poor and & migrant workers: Rameshwar Oraon

Ranchi: Jharkhand Congress Chief and Finance Minister Rameshwar Oraon that like the previous year this time also instructions have been given to the officials to prepare plans so the poor and the needy and migrant workers coming back to the state can get foodgrains and food.

He said that the previous year the state government had started Mukhyamantri Dal Bhaat Yojana, community kitchens in police stations, Didi Kitchen to provide food to the needy. Dr Oraon said that since the cases of Coronavirus are on a high in the country therefore it is likely that some more restrictions can be imposed which means more migrant workers will come back to the state therefore the state government will have to make arrangements for their food.

The Minister said all the DCs have been instructed to identify the spots for operating the Dal Bhaat centers. He said that he himself will be speaking to the officials over the issue.

He said that the state government had set a target to provide 15 lakh new ration cards out of which 13 lakh have been provided and soon the remaining families will be given the cards. He said that poor families who do not ration cards they too will be given the foodgrains free of cost.

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