Petrol crosses Rs 100 mark in capital, rising prices of vegetables further bleed people

Ranchi: The festival season and the incessant rainfall has started having their toll on the green vegetables as prices of tomatoes and onion have once again skyrocketed shaking the household budget.

In the local market, tomatoes was being sold at Rs 60 per kilogram while that of Onion was at Rs 50 per kilogram. In between the prices of one litre petrol breached the Rs 100 mark.

On Sunday petrol was being retailed at Rs 100.15 per litre in the capital while diesel per litre was mere 20 paisa away from reaching the Rs 100 per litre. On Sunday diesel was being sold at Rs 99.80 per litre.

As far as the wholesale market was concerned at the Pandra Bazaar Samiti Onion was sold at Rs 25-35 per kilogram. Traders said that due to heavy rainfall the onion crop has been damaged in Karnataka and Rajasthan due to which cost of onion had increased in the state further whatever onion was coming it was also getting spoiled rapidly. The traders pointed that on average only 15 trucks carrying the onion was coming to the market however potatoes was being sold at Rs 15-20 per kilogram in the market.

Barring the staple vegetables the prices of Kaddu, Cabbage, Raddish has reached Rs 30 per kid while that of ladyfinger, raw banana and bitter gourd has reached Rs 40 per kilograms. Brinjal was being sold at Rs 50 per kilograms while cauliflower was between Rs 60-80 per kgs, carrot Rs 60 per kgs, capsicum Rs 120 per kgs, chili at Rs 80-100 per kgs were being sold in the market.
The rising cost of the vegetables has put a further dent on the pocket of the middle class who were already reeling with the rising prices of petrol and LPG.

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