Need 400 seats for Mathura, Kashi and to bring PoK into India: Himanta Biswa Sarma

Ranchi: Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said that this time Narendra Modi will once again take oath as the Prime Minister by winning more than 400 seats.

“Opposition parties including Congress raised the issue as to why 400 seats. The entire eco system is arguing that 400 will not be crossed, they have no doubt about 399. The general public will give 2 seats” said Sharma while addressing press conference here on Wednesday.

Sarma said that after getting 300 seats, Bharatiya Janata Party built a grand Ram temple in Ayodhya. “This time, after crossing 400, temples will be built in Mathura and Kashi also. The country will become developed by the year 2047. Its initiative has already been taken. Will become the third largest economy by 2029. Elections in India are fought not only for development but also for identity”.

Sarma said “ Congress has forgotten PoK. Bharatiya Janata Party believes that Pakistan should not have any Kashmir. Modi government has delimited seats in Kashmir. In this, provision for MLAs has also been made for PoK. There will be MLAs from there also. This time, as soon as 400 seats come, PoK will become a part of India”.

The Chief Minister of Assam said that a law was made during the Congress rule. It has been said that there will be discussion on Ram temple. There cannot be discussion on Kashi and Mathura. This law does not allow a temple in the birthplace of God.

He said that secular system is applicable in the country. “Under this there can be no personal law in the country. Muslims follow Sharia. The law of the country allows this. They do child marriage. Four get married. Daughter is not given rights in father’s property. To improve this, UCC will have to be introduced. Modi government will do this work on 400 seats”.

The Chief Minister of Assam said “ Rahul Gandhi still roams around with the Constitution. This constitution remains red. The red colored constitution may be of China, but not of India. There is a photo of Ram-Krishna on every page of the Constitution of India”. Rahul Gandhi has said that personal laws will be strengthened when his government comes to power. It is written in the Constitution that there cannot be any personal law for anyone. There cannot be Sharia law. This time NDA needs 400 seats to implement the Constitution.

He said that according to the Constitution, reservation is to be given to ST, SC and OBC. Reservation will be on the basis of caste, not on the basis of religion. Here reservation is being given to Muslims through back door. To end Muslim reservation, 400 seats are needed. To strengthen ED and CBI, 400 seats should be given.

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