Better policing can be done by better management of equitable resources – CID ADG

Ranchi: CID ADG Prashant Singh said that better management of limited resources in the state can lead to better policing. Participating during the discussion on the changing challenges of policing and people-friendly policing at Ranchi Press Club as the chief guest he said that in the present scenario the style of crime has changed. The loss of capital due to cybercrime is much higher than other economic crimes he said adding that policing is changing with time.

He said that police stations are also getting resources, policing can be improved by better management of these resources. While discussing policing in England and American cities, said that the image of the police in foreign countries has been anti-black, but we do not have any image of the police here. After the discussion, Bihar Police Association President Mrityunjay Kumar Singh’s book Zindagi Ke 78 Kohinoor was also released.

During the programme senior journalist Baijnath Mishra said that the police should not work on a political agenda or as a political agent. The image of the police has been tarnished due to political reasons. He said that the reforms of Parkash Singh are discussed for reforming the police, but those reforms were not followed in Jharkhand itself. Senior journalist Sanjay Mishra said in his address that there has been no significant improvement in the police system in 75 years. Even today the police personnel live in the barracks in the same conditions as they used to live before independence. There has been corporatization of policing, but it doesn’t seem right. People are coming into this profession after higher education, but the police need to be sensitive.

During the programme, President of Bihar Police Association Mrityunjay Kumar Singh said that there is a need to change the police at the level of police stations. Police officers in the states are not given a two-year term, police officers are fired without reason. Mrityunjay Singh said that usually, the Thanedars reach only 400 to 500 people of their area. Even in the village of the police station area, he goes where facilities are available, the people of the police station are surrounded by the same type of people.

He said that he has written his book Zindagi Ke 78 Kohinoor based on his experiences. In the future, he is working on two books which will also be available soon. During the programme President of Jharkhand Police Association Yogendra Singh said in his address that the expectations of the common people are very high from the police, it is imperative for the police to be public-friendly in the changing environment.

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