People purchased Luxurious Cars, Bikes, Electronic Goods, Utensils, Sweets and decorative items ahead of Diwali

Ranchi: On the occasion of Diwali Electronic Goods are on sale. People purchased various Almiras of Godrej Company from the market on the occasion of Dhanteras on Friday. Whereas, Several Televisions, Mobile Phones, Laptops, Refrigerators and Washing Machines were also sold. Luxurious Cars, Bikes and Vehicles were sold on Dhanteras. 

An Employee of Prem Sons Motors Anoop Singh said, “This year on the occasion of Dhanterus, we have sold almost 250 Cars, and a trade of Rs 3000 Crores happened. Cars which were sold are Wagnor, Alto K10, Nexa, Baleno, Fronx, Ignis, Arena, Expresso, Desire, and Swift. All cars ranged between Rs 5 Lakh to Rs 15 Lakh. Prem Sons Motors Employee Anoop Singh said, “Happiness was seen among customers.” Anoop Singh added, “This year we got a bonus of Rs 15,000 on the occasion of Diwali from our company.”

Many sweets have been prepared and decorated in sweet shops of the capital. Various varieties of sweets are available in all the big and small shops. Sweets are in demand for Diwali from big shops of the city. Small shopkeepers and street vendors of the city are also hiring artisans to prepare their stock of sweets for sale on the occasion of Diwali. While the demand for sweets increases, the quality also decreases.

The danger of shortage in milk, Khowa and adulteration of sweets starts rising. Because there is a competition everywhere to make sweets in large quantities, there is always a shortage of milk and Khova. Civil Surgeon Dr. Prabhat Kumar said that more and more sweets are prepared everywhere on the occasion of Diwali as compared to normal days. Because the residents make good purchases of it during the festival. Therefore, a team has been prepared by the department to check the quality of sweets.

The team is investigating sweets in the city. A team of three people has been formed for investigation, all the people together are investigating in different directions every day. Many samples have been sent to the headquarters lab for testing. Regarding the investigation report, he said that it takes time to get the report. The team and department are performing their work well. 

The Civil Surgeon said that at present the investigation campaign is going on by the team, samples are being collected, where any deficiencies are found, action will be taken by the department. On the occasion of Diwali, people are also giving gift packs of sweets to their friends, relatives, office, neighbors etc. For this, the most beautiful gift packs have also been prepared in the sweet shops. Gift packs are being sold for Rs 300 to Rs 2500. In which dry fruits and various types of sweets are kept with decorations.

Kaju Barfi Rs 820 kg, Ghee Laddu Rs 480 kg, Refine Laddu Rs 280 kg, Kaju Fancy Rs 1200 kg, Gikhova Fancy Rs 650 kg 4lane/3lane Gift 400-1800 rupees Malai Chaap 16 rupees, Rasgulla 14, 20, 25 rupees, Khowa Barfi 480 rupees kg, Peda 400-550 rupees kg, Sunpapri Rs 1450 per kg, Mix Meetha Rs 650 per kg, Utensil markets are decorated everywhere in an attractive manner. 

According to religious belief, People buy a vessel on the occasion of a festival according to their income. That’s why on the occasion of Diwali, while old utensils sellers decorate their shops, other people also collect some group of utensils and decorate their shops on the streets of the city to earn good money. Umesh Aggarwal, director of Shri Ram Trading of Harmu Bazaar, said that he has been running a utensils shop for the last 50 years. 

On the occasion of Diwali, a group of utensils has been prepared as per the preferences of the people. Director Umesh Aggarwal said that this year there is a utensil market worth about Rs 2 crore in the capital. The influx of  customers has started. Brass utensils Rs 500-1000, Brass lamp Rs 25-100, Brass pot Rs 50-300, Brass plate Rs 250 per kg, Brass bucket Rs 800 per kg, Brass pot Rs 400-700 Bucket Rs 300 Kg, Drum Rs 300 Kg, Thali Rs 300 Kg, Bowl Glass Rs 400 Kg, Vegetable Trolley Rs 600-800 Kg, Drum Small Rs 250 Kg

This year, traders have made extensive preparations to meet the demands and preferences of customers on a large scale. Consumers should purchase local products with pride at this festival. A trader and member of Chamber of Commerce said, “If we use the products made in the country with the resolve of Vocal for Local, then not only will India become a manufacturing hub but it will also give impetus to the economy.”

Chamber General Secretary Paresh Gattani, taking the pledge of Vocal for Local in this festival, appealed to the city residents to buy their needed goods from local shopkeepers, and also said that an atmosphere of attraction and trust has been created for Indian products all over the world.

Secretary Amit Sharma and Shailesh Aggarwal said that the city residents should not only buy locally-made goods during Dhanteras and Diwali but also promote it among their friends and relatives.

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