People go unlock in capital, long queue of vehicles seen on roads

Ranchi: From Thursday the process of unlock started in the state and with this the people were once again back to their negligent ways and neither social distancing was observed in the markets nor warnings of the police had an impact on them.

As e-pass was done away with for movement inside the district the roads got buzzing with vehicles and vehicle jam was at usual at Kutchury Chowk, Lalpur and Kantatoli Chowk. Traffic police said that vehicles on the roads have increased by 7 times in a day.

On Ratu Road, the scenes were like normal days and traffic police had a tuff time managing the rush. Unfortunately, the people neither had social distancing in their minds nor fear of Coronavirus.

Policemen at regular intervals kept making announcements asking people not to make crowds in markets at Lalpur Chowk and Naga Baba Khatal but people remained unfazed.

Experts have pointed that crowding should be stopped to keep the spread of Coronavirus in check or else the situation will be back to the months of April-May.

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