Women doctors wing of IMA to conduct online awareness program over Covid vaccine

Ranchi: In view of the increasing cases during the second wave of Coronavirus a joint online program by Women Doctors Wing IMA Jharkhand and Health Department, Government of Jharkhand will be organised to spread awareness over the Covid vaccination.

In the programme awareness will be spread on the safe effects of Covid vaccine on reproductive health, misconceptions related to black fungus, Children’s Multi-Organ Inflammatory Syndrome (MIS-C) and Cervical and Breast Cancer.

In this campaign, all civil surgeons of the state as well as religious gurus of all religions, especially religious gurus of tribal society the Pahans, more than 2 lakh grassroots-level health workers will be connected so that the third wave of the corona is neutralized and children can be saved.

The chief guest of this program will be Health Minister of Jharkhand, Banna Gupta while special guest will be Arun Kumar Singh (Health Secretary, Government of Jharkhand), Dr J A Jayalal (National President, IMA) and Dr Jayesh Lele (National Secretary, IMA) will be also attending the program.

Organizer of the program, Dr Bharti Kashyap (President, Women Doctors Wing, IMA Jharkhand said in the first session lung specialist Dr Ravi Kashyap from Illinois University, America will spread awareness on the safe effects of the vaccine on pregnant and lactating mothers and Multi-Organ Inflammatory Syndrome (MIS-C) in children after exposure to coronavirus.

In the second session, Dr Pooja Kashyap, Pediatric Cardiologist from Texas University, USA, will provide suggestions on how the Jharkhand Government should prepare in the Pediatric ICU to save the lives of the children affected during Corona.

In the third session AIIMS New Delhi trained and internationally accredited Dr Bibhuti Kashyap will clear the misconceptions related to black fungus.

In the fourth session Dr  Swarupa Mitra (Chief Cancer Gynecologist, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre, New Delhi) will tell rural workers how to recognize early symptoms to prevent cervical and breast cancer.

Special invitees of this program included Dr L Yesodha (National President, Women Doctors Wing IMA), Dr Kavita Ravi (National Secretary, Women Doctors Wing IMA), Dr Arun Kumar Singh (President, IMA Jharkhand)  ) and Dr Pradeep Kumar Singh (Secretary, IMA Jharkhand).

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