Panchayat Staff arrested for taking bribe in Chatra

Chatra : In Chatra, the Anti-Corruption Bureau has arrested Panchayat Secretary Ajay Sao red handed while taking bribes. The team arrested him from the Post Office Chowk of the city. Along with the arrest, the team dipped the accused’s hands in a glass filled with water and after the water turned pink, arrested him and took him to Hazaribagh.

According to Sources, contractor Dharmendra Sahu had complained to the ACB that the Panchayat Secretary was demanding bribes in the name of releasing money for road construction. The complainant was not ready to pay the bribe so he informed the Anti-Corruption Bureau. Verification was done on the basis of a written application given to the team. In which the allegation of demanding bribe from accused Ajay Sao was found to be true.

After this the team took action and arrested him. In the application given by contractor Dharmendra Sahu, it was told that he was given the amount for the construction of PCC road from the main road of Asadhiya village to Devi Mandap for Rs 2 lakh 10 thousand. The work was completed on 18 March 2024.

In the month of March, he had received Rs 100,000 for the construction of PCC and he met Panchayat Secretary Ajay Sao to pay the remaining Rs 110,000. During this, the Panchayat Secretary told him to give Rs 5,000 of the Rs 1 lakh received earlier for this scheme and then he will make further payment. In return for that payment also you will have to pay five thousand rupees.

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