Nukkad Natak played to create awareness on World Environment Day by Lion Club of Ranchi

Ranchi: Members of Lions Club of Ranchi organised a ‘Nukkad Natak’ on the occasion of World Environment Day celebrations at Kaushal Vikas College (Skill Development College) in Ranchi on Monday.

Lions Club of Ranchi Patron and Professor of Economics Amit Sen who teaches to poor and underprivileged students at an affordable cost, said that “There is the importance of trees in our age-old tradition, as per our ancient culture we worship ‘Banyan’ tree because it provide 22 hours oxygen and purifies the air regularly.”

He also presented poems of Ramdhari Singh Dinkar and Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore to motivate students.

Members of Lions Club Ranchi who all are students of Economics Honours in reputed colleges of Ranchi presented a skit theme “Deforestation due to rapid urbanisation and Industrial Mining in the Jharkhand State.”

Members presented a role play with the message that “we, animals and birds are alive due to the existence of trees, if all trees are amputees then no one will survive because trees are the only source of oxygen.”

Meanwhile, Professors Kushal Vikash College (Skill Development College) accompanied by its director motivated students from environmental pollution and its degradation.

They added that rivers are being dried on summer days due to pollutants and industrial activities of the companies.

Programme was anchored by PG Economics Student Trisha Tania Sen.

In the end members of Lions Club of Ranchi were awarded with certificates.

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