Now people can buy stamp online from their homes or cyber cafes

Ranchi: The registration department has put in a new mechanism in place to help people buy stamps after the agreement between the state government and Jharkhand Stock Holding Corporation was called off.

Now people would be able to buy the stamps online and pay the registration fee. District Assistant Registrat Avinash Kumar said that people would be highly benefited from the new system coming into place as earlier people had to run a lot to buy the stamps and paying the registration fee.

He said that the new system will also help the people save money while on the other hand, the state government will get additional income. He said that after the deed would be made online a token number would be issued and the people would have to then open the website of the registration department and follow the guidelines to make payment.

He said that after the process of payment is completed the people will be able to print the stamp. He said that stamps purchased from stock holding corporation till September 4 would be only valid and it would be used for a few days. Further through e-Challan from select SBI outlets the payment can be made he said adding that new system would be also beneficial for the buyer-sellers, deed writers and lawyers.

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