Now criminals will not be able to escape from the city by committing crime, Ranchi police made this strategy

Ranchi: Ranchi police is going to take a big step regarding the increasing crime in the capital.

Now criminals will not be able to run away from the city after committing small or big criminal incidents.

Often the criminals escape from the city after committing the incident of murder and robbery.

Due to which it becomes difficult for the police to reach the criminals.

But now the Ranchi police has made an excellent strategy to nab the criminals.

Police posts will be made at 17 places in the city.

All these police posts will be made on the city limits.

For which 17 places have also been identified.

Proposals have been sent by the Ranchi Police to the Jharkhand Headquarters regarding the Police Post.

Additional police force has also been demanded in the proposal.

At the same time, all police posts will be equipped with CCTV cameras.

So that the culprit can be easily identified.

Here the construction work of the police post will be started as soon as the approval is received from the police headquarters.

According to the senior officers of Ranchi Police, this step will curb crime to a great extent.

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