NIA investigation revealed, Top Naxalites had planned a major attack to revenge the arrest of Maoist leader Prashant Bose

Ranchi: Investigation by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) has revealed that a major attack was planned by a top Maoist leader to avenge the arrest of Maoist leader Prashant Bose.

NIA has made this disclosure in the course of investigation in the case of recovery of huge quantity of arms and explosives from Bulbul forest of Lohardaga district.

The NIA investigation revealed that the armed cadres and members of the Maoists had conspired to commit violent acts and unlawful activities and to endanger the security of India.

The NIA investigation has revealed that top Maoist commanders and armed cadres hatched a criminal conspiracy during August-September, 2022 in Budha Pahar.

And decided to avenge the arrest of senior Maoist leader Prashant Bose.

Their intention was to carry out a major attack against the security forces and the police.

In Jharkhand’s Lohardaga district, the police got tremendous success in Operation Double Bull against the Maoists.

Foreign weapons were also found by the police during raids in Latehar and Lohardaga districts of Jharkhand.

In this campaign, the Naxalites had to suffer a lot.

During the campaign, 11 big Naxalites were caught.

Police had seized more than 28 sophisticated weapons, more than 2000 cartridges and other items.

In order to investigate this case, the NIA has arrested Balram Oraon, Shaileshwar Oraon, Mandeep, Dashrath Singh Kherwar, Shailendra Nagesia, Vinod Nagesia, Markush Nagesia, Mukesh Korva, Biren Korva, Sheela Kherwar, Sanjay Nagesia, Balak Ganjhu, Suraj Nath Kherwar, Sudarshan Chargesheet has been filed against Bhuiyan, Aman Ganjhu, Jatru Kherwar, Muneshwar Ganjhu and Govind Birijiya.

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