Naxalites shot dead their companion in Chaibasa

Chaibasa: Maoists killed one of their old comrades in Saranda forest in Chaibasa. The Naxalites suspected that he was passing on the secrets of the organization to the police. Nelson Bhengra was involved in Naxal activities for a long time.

In May 2023, he was in jail on charges of demanding levy from a road construction company. After this he came in contact with the police, the news of which reached the Maoists. According to the wife of the deceased, the deceased Nelson Bhengra worked as a night guard in an under-construction bridge located about five hundred meters away from the house.

He left home for duty after having dinner at around seven o’clock on Tuesday evening. Where the poster is kept. The Naxalite incident in Saranda has once again created an atmosphere of panic among the people. After the incident, the Jaraikela police rushed towards the incident site to recover the dead body.

He was a resident of Samatha village under Jaraikela police station of Saranda forest area. After getting away from the Naxalites, Bhengra was in contact with the police. On the night of 9 January, at around 10 pm, armed Naxalites reached Samtha village. He was forcibly taken out of his house.

Nelson was first beaten and then shot dead. The police are silent regarding this murder. Nelson Bhengra was involved in Naxal activities not only in Jharkhand but also in other states. Birsa police station of Orissa had arrested him in May 2023 on charges of demanding levy in the name of Naxalites from a road construction company. Within two months he was out of jail. After which he came in contact with the police. Through this massacre, the Naxalites have tried to indicate that if anyone informs them, the consequences will be bad. 

On the other hand, after this incident, the police are running a search operation under the leadership of Kolhan DIG Ajay Linda in the forests of Jaraikela, Manoharpur, and Chhota Nagra area of Saranda. According to the villagers, after committing this massacre, the Naxalites fled through this route.

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