Mukti Sanstha Cremated 33 unclaimed dead bodies lying in RIMS

Ranchi: Mukti Sanstha cremated 33 unclaimed dead bodies lying in RIMS Hospital in Ranchi on Sunday.

Mukti Sanstha performed mass cremation of 33 unclaimed dead bodies lying in RIMS on the banks of the Jumar River near Ormanjhi in Ranchi on Sunday. Till now the organisation has cremated 1567 unidentified dead bodies.

The President of the organisation Pravin Lohia lit the dead bodies. The last prayer called Antim Sanskar in Sanskrit was done by Paramjit Singh Tinku. 

The members of the organisation were engaged in packing the dead bodies since morning for cremation.

Then a mass pyre of all the dead bodies was lit on the Jumar River bank. In the end, the dead bodies were collectively cremated with full custom.

At the time of the mass cremation Ravi Agarwal, Aditya Rajgarhia, Ratan Agarwal, RK Gandhi, Dinesh Gava and hundreds of volunteers were present.

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