Mother’s Day getaways handpicked for your super-mom!

New Delhi (IANSlife) This Mother’s Day, are you considering surprising your mother with something special? Give her something she can enjoy with you so you may make some special moments together. With a well-thought-out getaway that you can both enjoy and tick off her bucket list, surprise your super-mom. Whether your mother loves an adrenaline thrill or some downtime at the spa, a walk in the mountains or an authentic culinary experience, has put together a list of events that are sure to make her feel particularly special.

For the foodie mom

If your mother is seeking for a culinary experience, Hyderabad is a fantastic destination thanks to the world-famous Charminar and mouthwatering cuisine. She might celebrate Mother’s Day by enjoying a gourmet tour of the city, which is home to many street food booths, recognisable bakeries, and well-known restaurants serving Nizam’s rich gravies and luscious sweets. Hyderabadi biryani is a delicacy that must be indulged in while visiting the city. Booking the Biryani tour, which examines the interesting history of biryani in Hyderabad, or the Evening Street Food Walk, which also allows you the chance to eat this Hyderabadi staple and indulge your inner foodie, are two ways to experience this.

For the mom who is spiritual

If your mother has a spiritual bent, she would adore Varanasi’s Ganga Aarti’s sights and sounds. A sight to behold is the evening aarti conducted at the banks of the Ganga, which features lights, cymbals, incense, and people chanting and singing hymns. While in Varanasi, you can either book the Guided Holy City Tour with a Boat Ride to experience the culture of Varanasi, indulge in some local cuisine, and participate in a variety of local activities, or you can visit the ancient temples of Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Monkey Temple, Tulsi Manas Mandir, and Birla Temple and soak up the spiritual vibe of the city. The ideal Mother’s Day idea to honour her faith and compassion.

For the mom who loves to shop

Shopping is a great idea for a Mother’s Day celebration. And no better place to take her than Jaipur. Plan a day of shopping so you and your mom can spend some memorable time together exploring the vibrant local markets and fascinating local brands. Sign up for the Jaipur Markets Shopping Tour where you can explore some traditional bazaars and shop for jewellery, clothes, footwear, local handicrafts, pottery and souvenirs to take back home. You can also visit the Sanganer factory to see how the handmade paper goods are manufactured or Tripolia Bazaar for some local spices. Wrap your Mother’s Day special shopping trip by heading over to a local restaurant and indulging in some local Rajasthani cuisine as you soak in the experience of the Pink City.

For the mother who loves nature/adventure

Munnar, where the hills are bordered by tea plantations and where adventurers throng, is the ideal place for your mother to visit if she likes the outdoors. Paragliding is available in the city, as are walks that start at the meeting of three mountain streams and ascents to Anaimudi, the tallest hill in South India. On Mother’s Day, you and your mother can escape your normal routine and experience an adrenaline rush by going on a trek and engaging in activities like the Letchmi Hills Hike, all the while learning about the meadows, tea plantations and mountain slopes. You might also simply unwind in Munnar’s serene surroundings at the end of the day.

For the mother who loves to rejuvenate

Everyone occasionally needs to focus on taking care of themselves by partaking in rejuvenating activities while taking a much-needed vacation from their everyday routine. Exercise, meditation, reading, writing, viewing your vision board, speaking affirmations, and writing them down are just a few of the straightforward but effective rituals that can make one feel good throughout the day. Why not give your mother the much-needed break she deserves this Mother’s Day by taking her on a yoga and meditation experience? Yoga and meditation not only refresh the body and mind while reducing stress, but they also help boost the mood. Give your mum a day off from work; she deserves it.

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