Monsoon is getting weaker – MeT Department

Ranchi: Metrological Department Chief Abhishek Anand Said, “The monsoon had weakened as soon as it entered Jharkhand.” Due to this, it rained less than normal. 

Meteorologist Abhishek Anand added, “There is a possibility of rain in many parts of the state during the next 24 hours.” Abhishek Anand said, “It is a terrible time for the farmers that there is less rain in the month of June, many areas of Palamu have received less rain.”

The sky is cloudy for 24 hours, but many areas have received 51 percent less rain. Ranchi recorded the lowest rainfall in the state in June. 

The maximum temperature of Ranchi was recorded here at 24.4 and the minimum temperature was 22.4 degrees. Whereas a good amount of rainfall is recorded in Santal. Massanjore in Dumka has recorded a maximum rainfall of 79.0 mm.

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