Mithila Palkar: Thanks to lockdown, was able to get back to Kathak

New Delhi (IANSlife) ‘Karwaan’ actress Mithila Palkar, who is also a trained Kathak dancer, says she is thankful that time in the lockdown allowed her to get back to her dancing, after she had to take a break from it due to work and an irregular schedule.

Palkar, who features in the Netflix series ‘Little Things’, has been trained in the discipline for three years.

“(I) did decently in my exams. Later because of work and irregular schedule, I had to take a break from it. Thanks to the lockdown, I was able to get back to my dancing and my disciplines. Again, now that the work has begun I had to discontinue my classes because I cannot be regular. But, I am very happy that it is a discipline that I have learned because I always feel like classical dancing/music forms the basis of all the dances and music you eventually learn in your life. It’s like learning alphabets to be able to form sentences. It gives you a good foundation,” Palkar told IANSlife in an interview.

The 27-year-old actress also shares why she took up the dance form: “Kathak for me was a dance form that I always enjoyed watching; I thought it was extremely expressive, beautiful, flowy, pretty and very royal in its own way. So, it was something that I really wanted to learn and had set my heart on it. Obviously, a little bit of that is also because Madhuri Dixit is a Kathak dancer, our generation has grown up watching her and my admiration for her as an actor and a dancer was a contributing factor on my inclination towards learning Kathak.”

Asked how classical dance has helped her acting on camera, Palkar said that – “I feel like having a certain sense of discipline helps the method you eventually follow, take shape and form.”

Talking about her plans for the upcoming year, she said that: “I have very hopeful plans that 2021 opens up places, borders and doors and we all get to travel within India and around the world. I really miss travelling and if my Instagram posts are not enough evidence for that then I don’t know what else is.”

The travel enthusiast and foodie also added, “I can’t say it enough how much I miss travelling and eating food from all around the world and across India. We often talk about food on the sets of something very exciting that I am currently shooting for as it somehow always binds all of us together. How just within the realm of India there’s so much deliciousness in the form of different things, not just food but languages, culture and traditions. There’s so much to go, see, learn, and experience that this is just kind of holding you back from doing all these amazing things. All this is on a very personal level.”

“In terms of work, there are things in the pipeline. I have auditioned for a few projects and I am also reading scripts but you know when they happen is only when they happen. I will tell you about it once I am ready to!”

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