Medanta hospital created history, successful treatment of heart valve without any incision

Ranchi: Medanta Ranchi Hospital, for the first time, saved the life of an elderly patient by implanting the valve through Tran’s catheter aortic valve implantation method. For the first time in Jharkhand, Medanta Ranchi Hospital treated aortic valve stenosis using the Trans catheter Aortic Valve Implantation method, a minimally invasive procedure by inserting a new valve without removing the old (defective), diseased valve.

Doctors from the cardiac science team of Medanta Ranchi organized a press conference and talked about the issues related to heart diseases. Taking the program forward, the doctors said that Medanta Ranchi along with treatment educates people about the risks associated with heart diseases.

The awareness created through various mediums helps heart patients to avoid worsening of their condition and lead a heart healthy lifestyle. Many forms of heart disease can be prevented or treated with healthy lifestyle choices, while others require medication or surgery. Treatment of heart diseases is easier if detected early. 

Medanta Hospital has often been at the forefront in spreading awareness about cardiovascular diseases to tackle this huge problem. Catering to all cardiac emergencies like cardiac arrest, acute heart failure, cardiac arrhythmias, unstable angina and decompensation disorders.

On this occasion, Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal, Consultant Cardiologist, Medanta Ranchi, while giving information about a unique and unique medical situation, said that the doctors of Medanta Ranchi successfully treated a patient.

This is the first case in Jharkhand, where the patient’s heart valve has been replaced without surgery. He told that this is a very advanced form of treatment, in which trans catheter aortic valve implantation method has been used. Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal, Consultant Cardiologist, Medanta Ranchi, told that the patient had come to him some time ago. The patient had a lot of difficulty in sleeping at night and his breathing also started becoming labored.

After listening to the patient’s problem, first aid was given to him. During the checkup, the doctors came to know that the patient was suffering from severe calcific acidosis. It is a disease in which one of the valves of the patient’s heart dries up, due to which there is difficulty in blood flow.

Due to this, the patient often experienced unconsciousness, difficulty in breathing and fatigue. Along with this, he also had left ventricular dysfunction, which means his heart had become weak. Therefore the patient often had to face problems. In view of the patient’s problem, a team of doctors was formed.

The doctors understood that since the patient’s heart was weak, no risk could be taken, he would have to be treated in such a way that his heart would be safe and he would not suffer any problem. Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal, Consultant Cardiologist, Medanta Ranchi, said that there were two ways to replace this valve – one through surgery and the other by implanting the valve through a vein.

After a lot of thinking, it was decided that another method should be adopted because the patient’s life could be in danger due to his weak heart and surgery. The team of doctors performed the treatment through Tavi method on November 14, in which the valve was implanted through the patient’s vein. After which the patient is completely healthy.

On this occasion, Vishwajeet Kumar, Director of Medanta Ranchi, said that our endeavor is to provide accessible and affordable heart care facilities to the patients suffering from various heart diseases. He said that a comprehensive cardiac care team is available at Medanta Ranchi. He said, Medanta Ranchi has a world class trained medical team for comprehensive cardiac care, he highlighted its importance and also said that the medical team has 24*7 facilities for emergency cardiac related problems.

With state-of-the-art medical facilities to treat congenital heart disease and adult complex cardiac problems, Medanta Ranchi has one of the largest comprehensive cardiac care teams in Jharkhand for heart related problems.

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