Mann Ki Baat: PM lauds initiative of educating children by painting walls in Dumarthar village of Dumka

Dumka: Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his Mann Ki Baat Programme lauded the initiative taken by the Principal of middle school Dumarthar located in Jarmundi block who for educating the children painted the walls of the homes in the village.

The Prime Minister said the principal of the middle school got painted the walls of the homes in the village in English and Hindi alphabets for educating and teaching the children and also got different pictures painted which is helping the children to read which is helping the kids.

In the tribal-dominated village in the upgraded middle school apart from permanent teacher Dr Sapan Patralekh four para teachers are also posted. Due to the lockdown the educational institute had been closed and in this the studies of the children had been adversely impacted, though some of the educational institutions had managed to commence the studies using Android phone and other means of information technology but in far flung villages the children did not have internet connectivity moreover mobile network was also a big issue in these areas.

Amid the crisis Dr Sapan Patralekh came up with this innovative idea in which he also took the help of the parents of the children and got the walls of their homes painted as Black boards and started teaching the children with the use of a mike.

After the Prime Minister narrated the idea during his Mann Ki Baat program the villagers children and the teachers of the village are very happy. Dr Sapan Patralekh also thanked the prime minister for mentioning his name and he said that it was a very proud moment for him.

He said that it was his dream that somehow his work should reach to the Prime Minister and today he had realised his dream. He said that it is his dream that all the children from the village get educated and contribute in the all round development of the nation.

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