Major incident averted at Ranchi airport as Air Asia flight to Mumbai gets ‘Bird Hit’ during take off

Ranchi: A major incident was averted at the Birsa Munda Airport in Ranchi as an Air Asia flight on its way to Mumbai with 176 passengers on board received a ‘Bird Hit’ during take-off.

Due to the Bird Hit a loud sound was heard and sparks started coming out of the engine after which the pilot applied the emergency brakes. Airport authorities said that the 180 seater plane was carrying 176 passengers. After receiving flight clearance the plane was taxing ahead on the runway when the Bird Hit took place, however, all the passengers are safe.

The technical experts were examining the flight after which it would be decided that whether it was fit for travelling or not. All the passengers meanwhile have been taken out of the plane safely.

However, post the inspection the plane was declared not fit for flying after which the airline company arranged another flight to ferry the passengers to their destination.

One of the main reasons behind incidents of birds hit is the close proximity of shops selling mutton and chicken. Meat and chicken are sold in many markets including Birsa Chowk, Hinoo, Doranda areas which draw the birds leading to such incidents at the airport. Last year also two incidents of Bird Hit were reported at the Ranchi airport.

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