Mahalaya to be observed with Tarpan on Saturday Morning

Ranchi: This year Mahalaya falls on Sani Amavasva on Saturday.

Mahalaya is derived from Sanskrit Word ‘Maha’ and ‘Alaya’ which means ‘Great Abode’ means Home of Goddess.

Mahalaya marks the beginning of Durga Puja Festival when Goddess Durga along with her children Ganesha, Kartik, Saraswati and Lakshmi begins her journey from ‘Kailash’ abode to Lord Shiva to Earth.

Mahalaya will begin with Tarpan of ancestral and departed souls on Saturday Morning.

Kanti Chatterjee, A priest of Ancient Durga Badi Temple said, Tarpan is a ritual to offer Jal to the deceased soul.

Almost 70-80 Hindu Devotees will perform rituals on Saturday Morning to offer ‘jal’ for the Salvation or ‘Moksha’ of their ancestral soul.

In the evening at Durgabari Temple ‘Mahisasurmardini Act’ will be displayed at 7 PM.

Organizer Rupa Dey said artists are excited to show their skills and talents during ‘Mahisasurmardini Act’.

Kanti Chatterjee added, after 3 consecutive years of Covid Lockdown this year enthusiasm is seen among Hindu Devotees.

Devotees are excited about shopping and are eager to visit Pandal’s during the festival.

‘Kalash Staphna’ will be held on the first day of Navratri Festival on Sunday, October 15.

On the Sixth Day of Durga Puja Festival ‘Bail Baran’ ritual will be held.

On Seventh Day Sandhi Puja and Maha Saptami Festival will be observed.

On Eighth Day Kumari Puja and Pushpanjali will be held.

On Ninth Day Bali or the sacrifice of Vegetables will be held as they do Vaishnav Puja.

On Tenth Day Vijayadashmi Festival will begin with ‘Sindoor Khela’.

Durga Puja Festival marks the triumph of good over evil.

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