Leakage of poisonous gas and goof formed about 50 feet long and 20 feet wide in Dhanbad

Dhanbad: The process of formation of goof is continuing in the fire-affected, Bhudhasan area of Dhanbad district. People living in fire affected landslide areas are living their lives under the shadow of fear. The latest case is of BCCL Lodna area number 10.

An earthquake about 50 feet long and 20 feet wide was formed with a loud noise at a distance of about a hundred yards in front of Lodana High School in Lodana OP area. Poisonous gas leakage is happening continuously from this goof. Due to which there is panic among the people around Lodna market. There is panic among the people due to the incident.

After hearing the news of the landslide incident, anger is being seen among the people towards BCCL management. Lodna Project Officer Arun Pandey, Safety Manager DK Meena and Lodna OP police reached the incident site.

Lodana residents say that such incidents have happened due to the negligence of BCCL management. Store nitrogen gas, sand and water in BCCL so that the scope of gas leakage and land subsidence does not increase. The management said that a meeting will be held in the regional office regarding this. Whatever the instructions of the mines expert and advisory committee will be, work will be done on it.

Project Officer Arun Pandey said that these mines were running during the British era, which are 11 and 12 which are standing on the pillars. At present, a Red Cross bamboo barrier has been installed in the landslide area. Arrangements for electric lights will be made and three guards will be deployed at night. So that no untoward incident happens.

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