Khatian based local policy, OBC reservation and mob lynching prevention bill will again be brought on the table of the Vidhan Sabha in public interest – CM

Ranchi : The then Governor of Jharkhand passed the “Jharkhand’s Definition of Local Persons and Providing Consequential, Social, Cultural and Other Benefits to Local Persons Bill, 2022”, Prevention of Mob Violence and Mob Lynching Bill, 2021 and for Backward Classes (OBCs).

After returning the bill to increase the reservation limit in government jobs to 27 percent, the state government worked on a plan to put the bill on the floor of the assembly, considering the seriousness of the subject.

For this, under Article 200 of the Constitution of India and Rule-98 (1) of the procedure and conduct of business of the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly, the above bill returned by the Governor’s Secretariat is requested to be made available to the State Government and the Legislative Assembly along with the Governor’s message.

Any bill passed by the Legislative Assembly is sent to the Governor’s Secretariat by the State Government for the assent of the Governor. When the Governor agrees or disagrees with the bill, a message is also attached by the Governor regarding the said bill, but the message has not been attached by the Governor’s Secretariat in the above returned bill.

The State Government is working to bring these Bills again in the Legislative Assembly. Therefore, the Governor’s Secretariat has been requested to make the said message available. So that the government can represent these bills of public interest with full force on the table of the assembly.

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