Karthi dons avatar of full swag in ‘Japan’ teaser

Chennai (IANS) Tamil superstar Karthi’s ‘Japan’ had garnered much interest after its poster was released. Donning the avatar of a highly clever, intelligent, thrill-seeking, thief, Karthi looks full of swag.

A heist-action-thriller-comedy film, ‘Japan’ sees the ‘Ponniyin Selvan’ star as the titular character. Contrary to the title, the film has nothing to do with the country Japan. Instead, Karthi is a criminal who goes by that pseudonym, and is a criminal with a very sharp mind who ends up performing a massive heist, managing to rob over Rs. 200 crore.

The Tamil Nadu police, who feel absolutely baffled by these robberies are left helpless as they reveal that Japan has committed over 182 such heists before, and each time the police have tried to catch him, they failed.

Attempting to catch him, Karthi’s character is revealed to be a gun swinging maniac who leads a hedonistic lifestyle, donning a lot of bling, filled with golden chains, silver necklaces, and diamond rings.

His life revolves around guns, money, booze , and women though much like ‘Don’, he too lives for the thrill of the chase above all things. However, behind the bling and swag, Japan is also incredibly murderous, gutting those who stand in his way.

With no qualms about killing, Japan is not one to surrender as the teaser shows him laughing when he finds that now the police force of every Southern state is now chasing him.

Cutting to shots of violence and gun shots, the teaser shows Karthi using a massive gattling gun which he mercilessly fires upon the police. At the very end in a quirky twist, Karthi while sitting on a bunch of money says: “Japan cannot be captured by police or harmed by any explosive”, before a bomb literally explodes in a building.

Written and directed by Raju Murugan, ‘Japan’ stars Karthi, Anu Emmanuel, Jithan Ramesh, Sunil, Vijay Milton, Vagai Chandrasekhar, and Bava Chelladurai in pivotal roles. The film will hit theatres in November 2023.

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