Kantatoli flyover, 125 segmental boxes installed in 5 months, 361 still left

Ranchi: JUDCO and Dinesh Aggarwal & Sons Company are making full efforts to complete the construction of Kantatoli flyover in the capital by April 2024.

42 pillars are ready for the flyover.

Now the main work is going on to install segmental boxes.

After the installation of a total of 486 pre-cast segmental boxes, the road structure of the flyover will be almost ready.

After this, after some other minor works like railings, dividers are done, the flyover will be completely ready.

So far, 228 out of 486 pre-cast segmental boxes have been manufactured.

Of these, 125 segmental boxes have been launched.

Work is underway to launch the remaining 103 as soon as possible.

An average of 50 pre-cast segmental boxes are launched every month.

But due to festivals like Durga Puja, Diwali and Chhath in October-November, the pace of flyover construction slowed down a bit.

Only 35 pre-cast segmental boxes have been launched in the last one month.

Now the company is preparing to offer about 70 segmental boxes every month to make up for the delay in October-November. Manpower can also be increased for this.

The work of installing pre-cast segmental boxes started from 4th July 2023. At that time 11 segmental boxes were being offered every week, but later it started reducing.

At least 250 pre-cast segmental boxes should have been mounted at an average of 50 in 5 months, but as per the current situation, segmental boxes are being mounted at an average of 25 every month.

361 pre-cast segmental boxes are still to be installed in the 2.4 km long flyover from Shantinagar to Bahu Bazar in Kokar.

If segmental boxes rise at the rate of 25 per month, it will take at least 14 more months.

If 50 segmental boxes are placed at the rate of every month, it will take 7 more months.

But if 70 segmental boxes are installed then it is expected to be completed in the next 5 months by April 2024.

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