JSPCB paces up clearance of pending applications, More than 72 ‘Consent to Establishment’ clearance released this month

Ranchi: The incumbent government of Jharkhand led by Chief Minister Hemant Soren is committed to promoting new investments in the state by creating a favourable environment for setting up new industries in the state.

The government is receptive to the problems faced by existing industries in the state and is committed to reviving old or deceased infrastructures. In this bid, the government launched Jharkhand Industrial and Investment Promotion Policy 2021 during the investors’ meet organized in New Delhi between 27 and 28 August 2021.

On 13 September 2021, Chief Minister Hemant Soren took note of the plights of the Small, Micro and Medium enterprise industries running in Jharkhand and directed senior officials of the Department of Industries to review all issues and take corrective action.

“Our Government is dedicated towards solving issues around MSMEs and small units as Jharkhand’s growth as a business-friendly investment destination needs the participation of both domestic & external investors. I am directing the Dept of Industries to review all issues & take corrective actions,” he tweeted.

As per the directions of the Chief Minister, different stakeholder departments have picked up pace in giving clearance for the establishment of new industrial units as well as clearance for consent to operate. As per the week’s date of ‘Consent to Establish’, given by Jharkhand State Pollution Control Board, available for September till the first week of October reflects the same. ‘Consent to Establish’ clearance is given by Jharkhand State Pollution Control Board to the industries seeking permission for the establishment of new industrial units.

As per the record, 115 applications were pending clearance with JSPCB in the first week of September 2021. This has now come down to only 44 applications pending for approval of ‘Consent to Establish’. Within one month, more than 71 applications have been approved and cleared for ‘Consent to Establish’. In the case of ‘Consent to Operate’, more than 360 applications were pending with JSPCB, in the first week of September.

After strict directions from the Chief Minister, this number has come down to 150, in the first week of October. More than 200 applications seeking Consent to Operate have been given approval.

CTO is given to industries falling under categories of green (less pollution potential), orange (pollution potential) and red (critically pollution potential) for a certain period of five years, 10 years and 15 years as per the industry requirements. Failing this may cause closure of the setup. As per the directions of Chief Minister Hemant Soren, Secretary, Department of Industries, Pooja Singhal had held a meeting with the members of JSIA, an umbrella organization of the Micro, Small and Medium enterprises industries of Jharkhand on 16 September 2021. During the meeting, Secretary took note of all the major issues faced by the industries and had assured them of every possible solution.

She had directed officials of different stakeholder departments to work at a fast pace to resolve all the issues faced by the enterprises operating in the state. “This is high time that we ensure that no industrial unit has to face any kind of problem in their operations due to lethargy of any Department. Strict directions have been delivered to every stakeholder department with regards to the directions from the honourable Chief Minister. We are ranked 5th in Ease of Doing Business and to attract new investors we are working hard to ensure delivery of all clearances through a Single Window System.

Jharkhand has been one of the most attractive destinations for the Mines & Mineral-based industries. With the launch of JIIPP 2021, we are including provisions for other focus sectors such as Textile, Agro-Food Processing, Pharma, EV and Electronic Manufacturing apart from others. We invite new investors to come and invest in Jharkhand, leverage the large skilled workforce of Jharkhand and run a hassle-free business, the government is here to support them,” said Pooja Singhal, Secretary, Department of Industries.

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