This pioneering skincare brand has a new vision

New Delhi (IANSlife) One of India’s leading skincare and largest dermatologist network-enabled brands has unveiled a new identity, symbolic of a strategic realignment with its ever-growing young consumer base. Kaya’s new brand narrative is inspired by its young customers — Gen Zs and Millennials. The new vision seamlessly integrates an omnichannel experience successfully straddling the in-clinic and digital space by building experiences of the future via artificial Intelligence enabled websites.

Kaya advances its commitment towards ever-evolving and enabling everyone to find their own beauty. Punctuated by the its new mantra, “Beautiful is You”, the brand will continue to bring alleviated personalization to help consumers discover products and services that are right for their unique selves. Beautiful is you is a choice to help you define and achieve your own best beautiful.

Speaking on the new approach, Rajiv Nair, Group CEO, said, “Kaya has always been ahead of its time and for almost two decades has been a standard-bearer for beauty and healthy skin in India. Constantly improving upon and redefining our services with our consumers are integral to the brand’s ethos. Kaya’s community is only growing, and our goal is to meet their standards of taste, quality, and inclusivity. With Beautiful is You, we are recrafting the brand identity, which not only upholds our legacy but also re-establishes our expert position in Indian skin culture?”

Samyukta Ganesh Iyer, VP and Head of Marketing, said, “Being future relevant for our younger audience is about empowering them with the freedom of “choice” to find “their own best beautiful”. The new purpose-driven, Gen Z focussed, digital-first brand identity reaffirms our authority in the industry, and represents a shift that will boost Kaya to reach yet another pinnacle for building a holistic skin and haircare destination of the future.”

The elevated digital experience is also established across marketplaces — Amazon, Nykaa, collaborations — Cult Fit, Cred and across India. The digitization mirrors offline customization via an all-new AI assessment tool on the website. The website reflects the changing expectations and aspirations of the new consumer, customized to individual needs.

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