Jharkhand to welcome investors in Herbal sector

Ranchi: The promotion of the farmers and the agriculture economy has been one of the priority sectors for the government led by Chief Minister Hemant Soren.

Many attempts are being made to promote scientific farming methods in the state. Farmers are being trained and provided with a range of farming options to increase their income.

To generate maximum employment opportunities through herbal farming, the state government is establishing a pilot Herbal Park in Jharkhand. The park will help promote herbal farming and create more opportunities in the field of herbal industry. Additionally, the government plans to encourage the cultivation and use of herbal plants in the area, development of nature-based herbal tourism centres for tourist attraction in Jharkhand, promotion of sustainable livelihood in the herbal sector and opportunities for the herbal processing industry in the region.

As per the instructions of Chief Minister Hemant Soren, the Department of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Cooperation is working on the concept of establishment of the herbal park in the state, which will soon take shape.

The government envisions promoting study, research, and herbal tourism through establishment of this park. In the initial phase of its establishment, efforts will be made to preserve the herbal plant wealth found in the state, while in the later phase, important exotic and rare herbal plants will be nurtured in the park. The Herbal Park will be developed as a beautiful recreational and relaxing place, where one can get a variety of information related to herbal plants along with a variety of fun and informative activities. This is intended to improve the happiness quotient of human life in the state.

The herbal park will consist of an Aromatic Herb Garden, a Spice Herb Garden, a Kitchen Herb Garden, an Ornamental Herb Garden, and a Cosmetic Herb Garden along with the facilities for irrigation network and micro-irrigation system, postharvest herb processing, Herb Oil Extraction Unit, Herb Oil Distillation Unit, Amla Juice Processing Unit, Amla Candy Making Unit, Aloe Vera Jelly and Juice Processing Unit, Ginger and Turmeric Drying Unit, Herbal Shampoo and Soap Making Units, Herbs Storage Cooling Unit, Herbs Preservation Unit, Herbs Plant Nursery, and an Organic Fertilizer Production Unit.

Proposal for the establishment of a herbal park has been prepared. Through this project, we have aimed to generate additional livelihood opportunities for the local people and farmers in addition to promoting herbal farming in Jharkhand. The work is being paced up as per the instructions of the Chief Minister.  Very soon, for the first time, this herbal park will be established in Jharkhand.

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