Jharkhand Governor taken part in Aadi Mahatosav

Jamshedpur: Governor C.P. addressed the ‘Aadi Mahotsav’ (a festival of tribal entrepreneurship, crafts, culture, cuisine and commerce) organized at Gopal Maidan, Jamshedpur on Wednesday.

Radhakrishnan said that this festival is not limited to our culture only, but it is a reflection of the rich heritage of our nation.

He said that tribal communities have been an integral part of Indian civilization and culture since ancient times.

The rich history and tradition of this community is inspiring and has an indelible mark across the world.

The Governor said that Jharkhand state is the land of heroes.

This state has had many great personalities including Lord Birsa Munda, who sacrificed everything for the motherland and society.

He said that it was decided by the Prime Minister to celebrate the birth anniversary of Lord Birsa Munda as ‘Tribal Pride Day’ in the entire country.

Lord Birsa Munda was a social reformer and visionary freedom fighter who fought against the atrocities committed by the British.

His sacrifice for the nation will continue to inspire future generations.

The Governor said that the arts of the tribal community are vibrant and he appreciated the products manufactured by them.

The Prime Minister urged people to ‘Vocal for Local’ with the aim of promoting local products.

He said that during his visit to various Panchayats in all the 24 districts of the state, he interacted with the people and observed their skills closely.

He said that the women of the tribal community here are hardworking and eager for development.

The sisters of our tribal community are actively participating in women self-help groups and are moving towards becoming self-reliant.

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