JBVNL’s instructions : Wherever there is a need to increase the load during Durga Puja, increase it immediately

Ranchi: In order to ensure uninterrupted power supply during Durga Puja, JBVNL has issued instructions to all engineers for detailed inspection and repair on Saturday.

GM Ranchi PK Srivastava has said in the instructions issued that engineers should minutely check the power transformers, breakers and other equipment installed in all the electric power sub-stations. Patrolling of 33 KV, 11 KV and LT lines should be done. If there is a possibility of tree branches touching the line wires, they should be immediately pruned.

All the transformers installed in the city and its earthing should be checked, so that there is no possibility of transformers getting damaged during the puja. At the places where the work of making puja pandal is in progress, the transformers, poles and ST wires installed near them should also be thoroughly inspected and repaired.

Engineers have also been instructed to ensure three meters distance between the electrical wires and the puja pandal from a safety point of view. If there is a need to increase the capacity of the transformer near the puja pandal, then it should be increased.

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