Birsa Agricultural University: Girls dominate in all examinations

Ranchi/Kanke: This year, girls dominated the examinations of various undergraduate courses of Birsa Agricultural University. Samiksha Kumari, a student of Agriculture College, Garhwa, stood first with the highest overall grade point average of 8.863 in the B.Sc. (Agriculture) Honors examination of the Faculty of Agriculture. Shruti Bhardwaj of Tilka Manjhi Agricultural College, Godda stood second with 8.844 OGPA and Sunidhi of Agricultural College, Garhwa stood third with 8.752 OGPA. 

There are a total of 230 sanctioned seats for B.Sc (Agriculture) Honors in four colleges of Agriculture Faculty located at Deoghar, Godda, Garhwa and Ranchi. Due to some seats remaining vacant, a total of 203 students passed the Bachelor of Agriculture examination.

Similarly, in the B.Tech (Agricultural Engineering) examination of Agricultural Engineering College, Kanke, Ranchi, girls stood first in three positions. Komal Sinha became the topper by securing the highest OGPA of 8.923. While Rupali Gupta OGPA 8.852 stood second and Sapna Soni OGPA 8.833 stood third.

The sanctioned seats in B.Tech (Agricultural Engineering) are 40. Girls were also toppers in the B.Sc. (Horticulture) Honors examination conducted in the Horticulture College located at Khuntapani, West Singhbhum.

Vishalakshi Choubey stood first with OGPA 8.984 and Pratibha Pathak stood second with OGPA 8.808. Shubham Kumar Kushwaha (OGPA 8.766) stood third. There are 50 sanctioned seats and 45 students passed the exam.

Even in the graduation examination (BFSC) of the Fisheries Science College, Gumla, girls remained at the top three positions. Shreya Anand became the topper by securing 8.842 OGPA. Sukriti Mandal (OGPA 8.744) stood second and Shaurya Dutta (OGPA 8.742) stood third. The sanctioned seats in this course are 30.

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