Is your name lucky for you?

New Delhi (IANSlife) The letters of your name have the power to help you build a successful life. Owing to the benefits that the study of numerology offer, several celebrities and business tycoons have paved their way to success by changing their names.

Celebrity name changes

Not many people know this, but even the most respected and renowned celebrity, Amitabh Bachchan, changed his name from Inquilab Srivastava (birth name) to what he is recognised as today. It was his father, Harivansh Rai Bachchan, who made the change in his name. This industry name is also said to have paved a way for success.

Sometimes people also add or subtract certain letters in their name to procure the benefits of numerology. For instance, formerly known as ‘Rani Mukherji’, the actress changed the spelling of her name to Rani Mukerji, as suggested by her numerologist. This change of only a single letter has worked wonders for her life. There are several other celebrities in Bollywood as well as Hollywood who have made small or big changes to their names to seek the benefits of numerology.

Lucky Names in Businesses

Even the most popular of tech giants or businesses today have changed the names of their businesses/corporations. For instance, Instagram which is one of the most popular social media sites in the world was earlier named as Burbn. Similarly, Google was not the first choice, the tech-giant was earlier named BackRub. Hence, people from all phases of life have adapted to name changes their business’s success.

How to Find Your Lucky Name?

Numerology is a scientific art. Hence numerology provide an insight on how you can benefit from a change in your name based on your lucky letters.

As per Chaldean numerology, every alphabet has been assigned a number and every number is known to have a positive or negative impact on your lives.

What are the Core Numbers for every Alphabet?

The following table shows what number is assigned against each alphabet. This number can be modified to synchronize with your Date of Birth.

Steps to follow-

* First Name Number and Compound Number: Based on the letters of your first name, allocate a number to each alphabet. See table below. In name number, both two-digit name number and single digit sum is equally important.

* Name Number and Name Compound: Assign number to each alphabet of an individual’s last name.

* For instance- First Name — 29 is compound and 2 is First name number

Name number — 44 is compound and 8 is name number

Name Number: 29+15 = 44 (8)

This is how you can calculate your name number. Based on the astrological implications of the number, a numerologist can choose the best name for you. There are several other intricacies of finding a name number which is best understood by someone who has studied numerology.

Remember your name is your identity, the signal that one telecasts to world and it carries a purpose much more than that. Hence, one must focus on these aspects of life to foster one’s growth trajectory.

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