‘In future, there should not be a single child whose birth certificate is not made’ – Finance Minister Dr. Rameshwar Oraon

Ranchi: Finance Minister Dr. Rameshwar Oraon launched a campaign program to achieve 100 percent target of birth-death registration in Jharkhand and to create mass awareness related to registration. This campaign is going to run from 14 July 2023 to 14 August 2023. This program was launched at Project Bhawan, Ranchi. 

Rameshwar Oraon said it is very important to register birth and death. Due to its absence, people are facing many problems. He said there are many such people, whose date of birth has been registered in their school etc. There he got his birth certificate. Due to this, he got retirement on the basis of school birth certificate even before completing 60 years. This kind of special campaign is being organized for the first time in the state, so that all the common people can be aware of the importance of birth-death registration and the benefits derived from it.

Rameshwar Oraon said in many places such examples are also found that the day of birth of both younger and elder brother and sister is the same. This campaign is being run by the government to solve all these problems. For this, we all have to work together to make people aware. So that there should not be a single child in the future, whose birth certificate is not made.

The minister said is very important to register death as well as birth. It is used as an important document in case of getting ancestral property in the court. Along with this, the death certificate also has an important role in the policy of the bank and LIC. He said earlier such documents were not made accurate, due to which people had to go through many problems. The main aim of this one-month-long campaign is to make people aware, so that its goal can be achieved.

Secretary Education Department K Ravikumar said registration of birth of children in all schools will be done through this campaign. About 6 lakh young children are enrolled in the state every year. The headmasters of all the schools have been directed in this regard. He said the Election Commission is also running a voter revision campaign from 31st July. The commission will also be able to upgrade the voter list by coordinating with the birth and death registration campaign.

Planning and Development Department Secretary Prashant Kumar said our vision is that the registration system should be simple and there should be no backlog. Birth-death registration is important in every field. If you want to join school, Aadhaar, passport and any scheme, then you will definitely need a certificate of registration. He informed that the process of making a portal for registration at the departmental level is going on. It is our endeavour to prepare such a mechanism in the state so that registration certificates can be delivered to people’s homes. He said work is also going on to centralize the data of all the people of the state, which will help to check duplication.

UNICEF State Chief Kaninika Mitra said registration of births and deaths is mandatory. For this a law was made in 1969. Registration of birth is the right of every child. It is a legal document. People will be benefited by this campaign in the entire state and the government will have a solid information about the population of the state. 

Finance Minister Dr. Rameshwar Oraon released ‘Jharkhand A Statistical Profile 2022’ by Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Jharkhand. Director-cum-Additional Chief Registrar (Birth-Death) Rajeev Ranjan said the data for the financial years 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 have been included in this book. The data related to agricultural statistics, life expectancy, state income, daily wages of agricultural labourers and industrial statistics have been included in the book by the Directorate of Economics and Statistics.

Apart from this, various departments such as Health, Energy, Roads, Mines, Animal Husbandry, Water Resources, Education, Rural Work, Transport, Rural Development, Tourism, Drinking Water and Sanitation, Social Security, Forest, Cooperative, Panchayati Raj, Commercial Tax, Data related to food supply, employment and information technology have been included.

An effort has been made by the Directorate to include data related to social and economic status in this book. He said there are 28 chapters in the book, in which statistics of various departments have been published. It should be known that this book will prove useful for planners, researchers, economic and financial policy makers, administrators and economists.

During the special campaign, public awareness campaign is being conducted by putting up posters, banners etc. in all the 4962 birth-death registration units of the state, so that the target of 100 percent registration can be achieved. Sahiyas and headmasters of schools have been entrusted with the responsibility of providing birth information form-1 and death information form-2 to the concerned registrar (birth-death). After checking the information form received from the informants, the registrar will ensure registration of births and deaths by completing all necessary procedures. After that birth/death certificates will be made available to the concerned person.

Campaign will also be promoted through mobile vehicles. In addition to banners, posters, information and information related to birth-death registration will be broadcast on digital screens at all important places. The main objective of this program is to get 100% registration of births and deaths.

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