IIM Ranchi’s Mahatma Gandhi National Fellowship: Empowering Rural Communities through Skill Initiatives

Ranchi: Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ranchi in partnership with the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) under the ambitious SANKALP scheme along with Jharkhand and Tamil Nadu Skill Missions had undertaken a transformative role in mentoring fellows from Tamil Nadu and Jharkhand as part of the two-year Mahatma Gandhi National Fellowship (MGNF).

The MGNF program is a blend of structured classroom sessions, known as the Academic Module, held at IIM Ranchi, and immersive field experiences at the district level, referred to as District Immersion.

This initiative is geared towards formulating effective plans and removing obstacles to bolster employment prospects, economic growth, and livelihoods in rural areas, with a keen focus on district-specific tailored for women masons have made a significant impact in Latehar and Madurai.

Tirunelveli saw Skill-on-Wheels programs that brought practical skills to government schools.

In Godda, lemongrass oil extraction units have been established, offering new economic prospects. Kunti capitalized on its natural produce, Lah, through upskilling programs.

Karur’s apparel sector received a boost from Project Palam, a specific skilling program.

These remarkable stories, though just a fraction of the positive impact generated by the Mahatma Gandhi National Fellowship, underscore the transformative potential of the initiative.

The journey of the program has encompassed 353 District Skill Committee meetings, the development of over 60 district development plans, and the successful implementation of numerous innovative solutions.

These impressive achievements illustrate the substantial contributions made by the MGNF fellows over the last two years.

The Mahatma Gandhi National Fellowship, guided by the spirit of IIM Ranchi, stands as a testament to the significant impact it has made in empowering rural communities and fostering holistic development.

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