Idols broken due to Vandalism in three temples in Ranchi

Ranchi:  A temple has been vandalized in Jharkhand. Anti-social elements vandalized three temples in Umbanda of Budhmu, adjacent to the capital Ranchi. The statues of Gods and Goddesses have been destroyed. The news of the statues being damaged spread rapidly on Monday morning. Crowds of angry villagers started gathering in the temples. There is a lot of anger among the people. The villagers have blocked the nearby road. Police are deployed on the spot.  The number of police forces is being increased around the incident site. Efforts are being made to convince people. 

Earlier on January 8, there was theft in Shri Ram Janaki Temple in Bariatu, Ranchi. The idols were also damaged after the theft. According to the information received so far, the statues of three temples built in the famous ancient place of faith and devotion located at Umedanda have been vandalized. The incident is said to have happened last night. When the devotees reached the temple on Monday morning to worship, they saw that the idols were broken and scattered here and there.

According to the information, Shivalinga, Nandi, Banjarga Bali idol of Shiva temple and Pindi and Bhagwati Trishul of Bhagwati temple have been broken by unknown criminals. To ensure that no unexpected incident occurs and the situation does not worsen, the police have issued an appeal not to share photos and videos related to the incident. A case of theft has come to light in the Jain temple of Giridih. Here thieves stole a silver umbrella, silver Ashtapati necklace along with 12 small idols of Lord Mahavir from the temple late in the night.

During this time the thieves also tampered with the CCTV installed in the temple. However, despite this the entire incident was captured on CCTV. Theft took place in Shri Ram Janaki Temple located in Bariatu, Ranchi. The idols have also been damaged after the theft. The crown and other items are missing from the temple.

After this incident, BJP MP Sanjay Seth, MLA CP Singh also arrived. MP Sanjay Seth said that this is an attempt to spoil the atmosphere before the consecration ceremony to be held in Ayodhya on January 22, but it will not be allowed to succeed.

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