Hundreds of bats die in Harihar Dham due to extreme heat, priests fear spread of some disease

Giridih: The death of hundreds of bats in the famous Harihar Dham of Giridih district has created a stir among the priests there.

The priests are beginning to fear the spread of some disease in the area.

These bats were living on a tree in the temple premises for a long time.

It is extremely hot these days in the Bagodar area of the district.

Some people say that the bats have died due to the extreme heat, while pundits fear some untoward incident.

There is a garden in the huge complex of Harihar Dham temple situated on Bagodar-Hazaribagh road, in which bats that had been camping in the trees for a long time have died.

For the last 3 days, the maximum temperature in Bagodar area of Giridih district has reached 45 degrees.

The scorching heat has started affecting humans as well as animals and birds.

Meanwhile, hundreds of bats living on the trees in the garden of Harihar Dham temple of Bagodar have died.

After death, bats are falling from the tree to the ground.

In this regard, temple manager Bhim Yadav said that there are more than a thousand bats on the trees of the garden in Harihar Dham temple.

He is dying due to the extreme heat.

It is believed that these birds have very little ability to tolerate heat.

On the other hand, the temple priest said that the bats (Badul) living on the trees of the garden are continuously dying.

We fear that some kind of disease may spread.

There is a danger of many types of diseases coming from dead birds.

Taking this seriously, the priests, managers, sweepers and other people living in the temple premises have appealed to the health department to immediately spray bleaching powder in the area and to the local administration to remove the dead bats from the said place as soon as possible.

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