HEC’s agitation broke down, workers went inside the plant

Ranchi: HEC Bachao Mazdoor Jan Sangharsh Samiti is on agitation for the last 48 days. HEC workers started an agitation in front of HEC headquarters with various demands like 20 months outstanding salary, regular attendance of contract workers and their permanent, smooth supply of basic needs of workers and employees in the work premises and decided not to go to the plant.

But on Monday, about 50 permanent employees entered the plant. Whereas the rest of the employees and labourers are adamant on the movement. As soon as the employees who had gone inside the plant came out, the HEC Bachao Mazdoor Jan Sangharsh Samiti welcomed them by garlanding them in Gandhiji style. It is being discussed among the agitating employees outside the headquarters that BMS is trying to end the movement.

BMS people have entered the HMTP plant. It was only on his request that some people went inside the plant. It is also being discussed among the employees that BMS is doing all this at the behest of Ranchi MP Sanjay Seth. Because Sanjay Seth has again got the Ranchi Lok Sabha ticket from BJP, and just a few days ago, workers under the banner of HEC Bachao Mazdoor Jan Sangharsh Samiti had surrounded the BJP office. Therefore, they want to end the HEC agitation soon.

People of HEC Bachao Mazdoor Jan Sangharsh Samiti say that those who have gone to the plant, May God give them wisdom and they should rejoin the movement in time. They say that the agitation will continue until the management accepts their demands in writing. There are 2780 workers in the three plants of HEC, Heavy Machine Tools Plant (HMTP), Heavy Machine Building Plant (HMBP) and Foundry Forge Plant (FFP).

Of these, 500 are officers, 28 are supervisors, 625 are workers are permanent. Whereas 1627 workers are temporary, whose contract has expired in the month of August. Labor organizations came together on one platform and started a movement regarding their demands.

MS supporters are supporting this movement from outside. Currently, Hatia Mazdoor Kamgar Union, Hatia Mazdoor Union, Hatia Lok Manch, HEC Shramik Sangharsh Union, Hatia Project Workers Union and HEC Officers Association are included on one platform.

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