HEC bags project worth 200 crores

Ranchi:  Heavy Engineering Corporation (HEC) is being ordered with a project of 200 Crore. Salaries of HEC employees are outstanding for almost 22 months, regarding which they are agitating. Meanwhile, a ray of hope is visible.

According to the information received, HEC is going to get a work order worth Rs 200 crore. Recently, HEC CMD Koppu Sadashiva Murthy (who is also the CMD of BHEL) met HEC’s labor union, Officer Association in Ranchi. In this meeting, he also talked about placing a work order worth Rs 200 crore for BHEL cranes. 

According to the information, BHEL will provide working capital for this. Whatever profit will be made will be given to HEC. Work in HEC has been stopped for several days, due to which the machines are gathering dust. There is discussion among HEC employees that the work order received from BHEL will require fabrication and crane machines.

At the same time, the machines that have been closed for years will have to be reconditioned to make them usable again. For which it is estimated that around Rs 10 crore will be spent on oiling, greasing and maintenance. With the receipt of work order worth Rs 200 crore, HEC’s days may be brighter again. If this work is completed on time, then there is a possibility of getting even bigger work orders, due to which HEC can reduce its liability by doing the work itself.

At the same time, HEC Bachao Mazdoor Jan Sangharsh Samiti continued the movement even on the 70th day. Protested in front of HEC headquarters with demands including salary payment, contract renewal of supply workers and other demands. After Holi, the labour canteen was started again.

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