Health Minister participates in annual meet of eye donation awareness club of Kashyap Hospital

Ranchi: Health Minister Banna Gupta on Tuesday participated in the annual meet of eye donation awareness Club organised by Kashyap Memorial Hospital.

Speaking on the occasion Banna Gupta said that the hospital would be linked with the national child security programme so that children suffering from cataracts since birth and premature babies with retina problem can be provided free of cost retina treatment.

He said that in case a premature baby is not provided treatment for retina problems within 30 days than he or she may lose their eyesight forever.

The Health Minister said that all the government eye banks of the state would be linked with the nationwide Cornea distribution system so that people of other states where the waiting list is long can get cornea on time and their eyesight can be restored.

Medical Director of the hospital Dr Bharti Kashyap said that between two national eye donation fortnight campaigns 55 eye transplants have been performed by the hospital in which 12 corneas were received from locals post demise and the remaining were received from the distribution system.

She said that amid the Coronavirus situation to check the awareness among the people Google forms were distributed and 5000 students were sent the forms and also digital awareness campaign was run during which it emerged that digital campaign had the same impacts as newspapers or TV.

She said that unfortunately despite the awareness the people do not have an interest in making eye donation post-death of a person. Many beneficiaries of eye donation also shared their experiences on the occasion.

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